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Foot reflex zone massage

Foot reflexology is an ancient therapy and is based on the principle that the whole body has an assigned place in the foot. The foot reflex zone massage is a reflective treatment for the whole body and works energetically. We can influence our organ systems, the lymphatic system and the nervous system via the foot reflex zones.  

How foot reflexology works
  • Stimulating blood circulation, organ and gland functions

  • Stimulating the elimination of deposits, waste and toxins that can inhibit the flow of energy

  • Release of energy throughout the body

  • Bringing about physical and mental relaxation

  • Can mobilize the body's own forces, which have a major impact on organs, glands and body parts

  • foot bath, foot reflex zone massage and on request/
    as required work with the tuning fork (60 min.)
    CHF 100.-


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