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Energy healing
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Energy healing / Trance Healing / Reiki / Spiritual Healing

In my practice I offer a holistic approach based on years of experience and diverse knowledge of various healing techniques.

Over the years I have learned and practiced a variety of healing methods including Reiki, energetic healing work, spiritual healing, trance healing and many others. This wealth of experience has given rise to a very unique way of practicing, which enables me to respond individually to the needs of my clients and the energies.

For me, the focus is on people. I listen carefully, take time for each individual and work gently, without time pressure and with full dedication. For me, work on this level is a communication with the soul, always in connection with the spiritual world.

What particularly sets me apart is my approach of not just treating, but also explaining. I firmly believe that understanding the healing process is an important part. That's why I explain to my clients exactly what I do and what it's about. I also give regular exercises so that you can continue working at home and support the healing process.

I look forward to seeing you. 

  • Energy healing (approx. 60 - 90 minutes) - Fr. 150.- 

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