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Relax massage "Let yourself fall"

neck, shoulders, arms,
Head & face in supine position

A relaxing supine massage is an excellent way to relieve tension in the neck, shoulders and arms and to increase well-being. With this type of massage, the focus is on relaxing the body and calming the mind.


Effective techniques are used during the massage to loosen and relax the muscles in the neck and shoulder area. The supine position does not put any strain on the abdomen, making it easier for the body to relax and breathe freely.


The massage begins at the neck and shoulder area, where many tensions and blockages can often be found. Targeted pressure and stroking movements can be used to loosen these areas, which leads to an immediate feeling of relief and relaxation.


After the neck and shoulder area has been massaged, the arms are also massaged in order to relieve tension there and to relax the whole body. The focus is always on relaxation and well-being of the body.


The massage ends with a gentle massage of the head and face to reduce stress and increase well-being. The duration of a relaxing supine massage is usually 60 minutes, which offers sufficient time for thorough relaxation of the body and mind.


All in all, a relaxing supine massage is an ideal way to reduce stress and relax the body. Targeted massage techniques relieve tension and increase well-being, leading to a feeling of calm and serenity.


  • massage neck, shoulders, arms,Head & face in supine position

60 mins     100 Fr.

90 mins     140 Fr.

Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi

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