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Head and face massage 

A simple and relaxed way to "clear your head". A relaxed face not only feels good, it makes you likeable. You will see the relaxation in your head and face.  

The Tibetan head massage also improves the five senses, has a positive effect on the eyes, ears, sense of smell and taste. It harmonises our nervous system and promotes concentration and the ability to relax.

The facial massage primarily causes deep relaxation. On the face, as on the feet, we find the reflex zones for the organs. These can be positively influenced by the massage. 

The massage also has an effect on our emotional world -

The head massage is carried out while sitting, the facial massage while lying down on the massage table. 

The massages can be booked together or individually.

After the scalp massage, the scalp and hairline (as well as all hair) are oily. I recommend taking a hat with you and, if possible, leaving the oil on overnight.


  • Tibetan head and face massage (60 min.)
    CHF 100.-

  • Tibetan head massage (30 min.)
    CHF 60.-

  • Tibetan facial massage  (30 min.)
    CHF 60.-

Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi

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