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Massages & Relaxation
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energetic work

It all started for me with my Reiki training over 8 years ago. Over the years, training, seminars and experience, more and more techniques and expansion of energetic work have been added. 

The fascination with energy work grows every day and I look forward to energetically accompanying you on your way to more health, well-being and healing. 

The energetic work can be applied to both physical and emotional issues. Or to take a step further in an area of your life. 

Each session is very individual - precisely tailored to your needs and wishes and, if required and desired, can also be expanded and rounded off with work with the tuning forks and essences. 

  • Discussion, energetic treatment, possible essence mixture (additional Fr. 20.-), possible work with the tuning forks and other sounds (included in the price)
    60 min. Fr. 120.- (with essence mixture Fr. 140.-)

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