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Always there with passion and whole heart.


I am the mother of a school-age son and enjoy pursuing my passion in art. The creative arts are filters and balancing at the same time. I am also a trained commercial clerk and have trained in a wide variety of areas.

I look forward to growing and it is a pleasure and a concern for me to continue to educate myself and to incorporate the newly acquired views into my work.


My path led me over various curves to hypnotherapy. Once I have arrived here, I feel in myself and ready to accompany other people on their way.

Be free - let go - feel themselves and be themselves. Initiating this process is a wonderful path full of enrichment and gifts.

I look forward to showing you how you can go your own way, feel free and be within yourself.


  • diploma cert. Hypnotherapy VSH/NGH (with Gabriel Palacios )

  • Reiki Level I (with Gloria Haegi )​

  • Reiki Level I & II (with Lisa Powers

  • Foot reflexology basic course (Bodyfeet)

  • Foot reflexology visual and tactile findings (body feet)

  • Tibetan Head and Face Massage (Dolphin Healing)

  • Energetic Massage (Dolphin Healing)

  • dip cert. Bach flower therapy (Delphin  Healing)

  • Classic back massage (Bodyfeet)

  • Sound field work with tuning forks II & II at the Verbena health practice

Further education

  • Reiki Level I (with Gloria Haegi)​

  • Reiki Level I & II (with Lisa Powers)

  • Fussreflexzonenmassage Sicht- und Tastbefund (Bodyfeet)

  • Tibetische Kopf- und Gesichtsmassage (Delphin Healing)

  • Klangfeldarbeit mit Stimmgabeln I & II bei Gesundheitspraxis Verbena

  • Kräuterstempelmassage (Bodyfeet)

  • Relax-Massage (Bodyfeet)

  • Traumatherapie & Familienstellen (Delphin Healing)

  • Access Bars

  • Ayurveda Fussmassage mit der Kaash-Schale (Bodyfeet)

  • Ocean Massage (Bodyfeet)

  • Colour Therapy Foundation (The Academy of Ancient Magik)

  • Crystal Healing (The Natural Healer - Melissa Crowhurst)

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