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Holistic light therapy HLT®

Holistic light therapy (HLT) is a completely new, patented process. The form of therapy combines light, color, essence and sound therapy and is unique. 


From around 380 essences, specific essences with the corresponding slides are selected individually to meet your needs and put together for individual treatment.

The different essences work on different levels and can cause incredible things, transform them and set them in motion. 


The HLT treatment is suitable for physical complaints as well as for inner blockages and depressive moods. 

I recommend the treatment for the following subject areas: 

- Postoperative treatment 

- Dissolve inner blockages

- "Initiate" changes in life

- Dissolve beliefs

- Fix addiction problems

- Change eating habits

- Physical complaints

- Resolve family trauma

- break old patterns

- General well-being, good body feeling

- house cleaning 


In Africa (Agomeda, Ghana) there was a prototype health house from 2007-2008, where sick children were treated with LDS, all of whom experienced a visible improvement in their health. In Koryana City, near Fukushima and Tokyo in Japan, survivors of the 2011 tsunami catastrophe and radioactive people were successfully treated with HLT. All participants feel emotionally better and in 85% of the participants a significant drop in radiation values could also be measured with the Geiger counter.


Conversation, Holistic Light Therapy
(possibly essence mixture for at home)

Duration approx. 60 minutes,

Cost: 125 Fr.

House cleaning with the HLT.

Please contact me for an individual offer. It is made up of the size of the apartment or house or room, the time required and the journey there. For an apartment cleaning in the vicinity of Basel you can calculate between 220 - 300 CHF. 

You are welcome to send me an e-mail or call/message me directly:

+41 79 206 75 38/

Ready essence mixture such as emergency drops (for children and adults); By the way, you can find aura protection spray and room cleanerhere

Image by Sean Sinclair
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