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Course of a hypnosis session

Every hypnosis session is as individual as every person. But in principle you can orientate yourself on the following points.

The first hypnosis session

The first session consists of getting to know each other, discussing your concerns and in most cases an individual hypnosis.

The conversation

We will discuss your concerns in a joint conversation. Here I will also inform you about the condition, the process and the effects of hypnosis. Before we start, all ambiguities and questions regarding hypnosis will be clarified.

The hypnosis

For hypnosis you can take a seat in a comfortable armchair in a cozy, quiet room.


Being hypnotized has nothing to do with sleeping or dozing. You can speak in this state (if you want to), be highly concentrated, clear and have complete control over what you say at all times. In this state, the control center in the brain (the conscious mind) is shut down and you can communicate directly with the subconscious.

Let yourself be surprised what your subconscious has in store for you and what great support and relief it can provide. Because they contain your personal instructions and directions.


After hypnosis

After hypnosis, it takes time to fully return to the here and now. Many clients feel empowered after hypnosis. Then the time begins to anchor and consolidate the newly established pattern in the brain. You can now observe how the "new programming" affects your subconscious on everyday life and your state of mind.


Even if the hypnosis session feels relaxed, the body has performed at its best during this time and a certain amount of tiredness or the need to relax or sleep is quite normal and beneficial.

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