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Application areas

Hypnosis can help and support different topics.

Duty of silence

Hypnosis sessions do not replace medical treatment and I do not make any diagnoses or promise of healing.

Course of a hypnosis


The process is - like everyone else - very individual, but by and large a session goes something like this:

Individual responsibility

Hypnosis is always helping people to help themselves.


I ask you to cancel your booking up to 24 hours before the due date. Otherwise I feel compelled to charge you a cancellation fee of Fr. 60.-.



If you are in psychotherapeutic and / or psychiatric care, I depend on receiving this information. Unfortunately, analytical hypnotherapy will not be carried out without the consent of the relevant psychotherapist / psychiatrist for treatment.


It goes without saying that hypnotherapy cannot make any promises regarding direct improvement or holistic healing in relation to medical / psychiatric illnesses.


Hypnotherapy is an alternative medical method that can be used as a complement to conventional medicine / psychotherapy and does not serve as a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic consultations or care.

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